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It's a friendly and easy-to-use application wich wiil help you to optimize your system by scanning the Windows registry for errors and fix them whenever it's possible.
Wheter we know it or not, each time we install and uninstall programs on our system, we are modifing the windows registry as well, since there is where the neccesary files for the proper function of the programs are located. Even when, apparentely, everything related to a program is deleted upon unistallation that's not quite true. The acumulation of these "leftovers" is what makes your system to crash or, at the very least, to slow down a lot.
RegCleanerPro periodically scan the Windows registry and delete every invalid entry it encounters on the way (only if you give the aproval). It works on Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista systems and it's really safe because it makes a backup of the registry before performing any changes, so if you have any problem after the fixing you can go back to the previous status.

With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, this tool will let you do the following tasks:

- Registry Cleaner: search and remove obsolete entries from your Windows Registry
- Registry Defragmenter: defragment and compact your Windows Registry
- Track Cleaner: Protect your privacy by eliminating the “tracks” that you live behind
- System Tweak: customize myriad undocumented settings in Windows Registry

You will be able to set up some options when you take this actions, according to your needs. Let's see the main features:

Registry Cleaner:

-Scan Mode: Quick Scan, Full Scan, Extreme Scan (expert mode) and Custom (you'll be able to choose wich sections to scan).

Registry Defragmenter:
You can set a password to prevent unauthorized use.

Track Cleaner:
You will be able to choose the applications to clean so you won't be tracked down through the documents that have been recently used. Also, you can set a password to prevent unauthorized use of this feature.

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  • Simple interface
  • Password implementation
  • Automatic registry backup


  • Trial version
  • Only English supported
  • Sinlge user license (more expensive family license)
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